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. >> how do you get a bill that high? >> the education of lauryn hill was her famous cd. >> miss education. >> good point. >> thank you for being an educated audience and choosing us at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. monika is out. beverly farmer has traffic today. mr. bernstein is going to start it off with a green day. >> it's still kind of muggy. we are looking at showers and storms in pennsylvania and just slipping into western maryland. for us the isolated to scattered storm this afternoon is what we'll be worried about, kind of like yesterday but a quiet morning. we don't have the wet streets like yesterday so beverly said it's better than yesterday. i agree with her. 84 by noon. we'll get sunny breaks. then thank the threat for the passing shower or storm. high of 88. back to 87 at 5:00. south winds at 10. your outdoor plans, you want to get them in, get the outdoor run in, probably better early than late because. the temperatures. here's the moisture we're watching in ohio, pennsylvania, west virginia. it's moving southeast. some of this is not even reaching the g
enforcement, but we also have to invest in education. we have to invest in a lot of things as we think about how we could have prevented that kind of horrible activity in the boston marathon. and we will make our events safe, i assure you of that. whether it's mohammed looking at every trash can or officers making sure everyone is safe in our events, working together, every event that we have in our city is important to us, the public and the visitors and the residents be safe. and we have a tremendous amount of events that happen in our city. all through this summer rec and park has got huge numbers of events that draw a lot of people. that money will come right back to our neighborhoods as we all work together, along with the events that we have along our waterfront all year long, along with the ones that we know every year like the beta breakers. this year we have a deficit that's smaller than in past years. a year ago we were facing $170 million deficit. we have a 7.6% unemployment rate. this year and the next -- we do two-year budgets, by the way. this year it's about 123 million defici
by a single mom and being proud of my dad imprisoned and now pursuing my education, i would say there is not one answer. the answer is that there is not an answer. you have brought about by bringing this conversation forum. it is not just law enforcement perspective, it is not just the community-based perspective, it is not just the research perspective, it is a multi- layered approach. first and foremost, we do have to consider meeting youth where they are act. we are talking about perpetrators of violence or what not or system involved or involved in gangs, we have to meet them where they are at. pain and hurt produces more hurt, right? what is fundamental it is addressing back pain -- addressing that pain. not looking at folks in a punitive way and saying, this guy is notorious, we have to lock him up. that person is hurting. he might have been abused, you know. first and foremost, we need to meet that individual's needs. i am pursuing a master's in social work. i have that lens. we need to heal our communities and take those answers upon ourselves. everybody has already -- w
and clear the path to one of the most important pathways to american prosperity, a college education. my, my, my, mr. speaker, can't we all work together to get this done? i yield my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlelady from indiana seek recognition? without objection, the gentlelady from indiana is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, when i go to the grocery store on saturday mornings, i talk to hoosier moms and dads concerned with hike prices at the pump and the checkout line. according to reports last month, gas prices in the five midwestern states ranked in the top nine states nationally with some folks in indiana motorists paying $4 per gallon. mrs. walorski: a constituent wrote to me on the fourth of july and said, he canceled his holiday plans because he needed to save money for a tank of gas. he wondered what is congress doing about it. how can we help hardworking americans keep more money in their wallets and pay less for gas and groceries? the house passed two bills to address high energy prices. to create more jobs and
, the educational criteria, all of that, the one signature personality trait seems to me, there were a means of public opinion. almost suspect everyone everyone says athens is lost and we have to join the spartans and go across the isthmus and give up greece, a themistocles' is distrustful. the same thing. eastern front collapsed or when they tell sherman that lincoln is not going to win the election whether you like it and not mcclellan will be president and the better adjust to it. people tell ridgway is time to go back and to settle things down, get everybody out. the 30th parallel, take them back. when patraeus went. even the steadier said that it was hopeless basically. they had this idea. i don't trust of most people say and very -- i guess they do their homework. very meticulous students. so the strategists at not just saving the particular war, but a vision of something called counterinsurgency. you know better than i do. transcended. you're going to be in time and space in the 21st century rehab to have a different tactic in the middle east. ridgway was an author of this very radica
and internships that, one, will hopefully inspire them to sofa focused on their educational pursuits and two have them see the vision and the opportunities that are in public sector and public sector jobs. last summer we celebrated over 5200 jobs and internships. 39% of which became permanent jobs. we have a longer term vision that is not simply a summer job program, but a year round program. and ultimately we want to see a pipeline that is connected to our k-12 program, our crick will you have as well as our academies that leads thened to the city college connection of vocational training that leads to our four-year institutions so we have a growing pipeline of young people ready for the kinds of jobs in our economic growth and vitality that is happening in san francisco. and, so, again, if you have young people, have them come our way and match bridge at united way bay but more importantly, i want you hear today from one of of our 39% that went into a summer job and became a permanent job. so, please welcome tim shake. (applause) >> thank you, good morning. my name is k remarks ma sha
to educate the smaller businesses? >> one of the things that we include on the website is links to a lot of these resources that explain both the polices and kind of the requirements of what is boiled down to be in this assessment. again we're trying to make the assessment as short and simple as possible. we're dealing with a lot of different laws and polices at the same time. so it's slightly a generalization, but there are a lot of resources on the toolkit and the website that people can find and sample policies, so they don't even have to write them. >> we also recognize that a lot of people that will apply are small businesses and it can be very difficult when you don't have a hr representative who knows all the jargon. that is why we're holding our workshop in july, helping those with questions to improve their policies and we're hoping that that starts the conversation around what they can do. >> are you working with any of the merchant associations? >> we haven't directly been working with them yet, but we're hoping to reach out to them, especially through your newsletter, and
in education and has numerous state and school district awa >>> for 23 years wilma grant has been a teacher in san pablo. she has a master's degree in education, has numerous state and school district awards but as kate kelly reports, it's what she is doing in retirements that has earned her this week's jefferson award. >> reporter: this is what retirement looks like for wilma grant. >> we need to have snowflakes. >> reporter: when she isn't writing scripts, fitting costumes or organizing parents, she is working with her drama club students at tara hills elementary school on their next big production. >> these children are so stressed out. when they come after school, they can just take their hats off and they can just have a good time. >> reporter: and the kids will tell you, drama club is their favorite time of day. >> i think that it's really fun and it's a place where i get to be myself. >> it taught me how to be confident in myself and it's really, really fun. >> reporter: during her 23 years of teaching k through sixth grades in san pablo, mrs. grant watched art programs disappear wit
. she had been an outspoken advocate for girls education in pakistan a position that made her a target for the taliban. last october she was shot in the head. it stunned the world. she recovered to activism quickly. >> courage was born. [ applause ] >> reporter: taliban militants have continued to terrorize hundreds of pakistani schools and students but with an army of supporters, malala promises to keep up the fight. at the u.n., vinita nair kpix 5. >> glad to see her doing better. >> she was shot in the head, recovered as strong as ever could be. unbelievable. >>> let's get a check on our weather because it seems the fog lifted. >> have you noticed that? >> a little. >> we are watching the breakup outside. nice summer pattern settling into the bay area. the low clouds and fog now treating towards the coastline. just the way we like it. we have clear skies and fog toward the golden gate. but the temperatures beginning to heat up in some of the valleys. it is 78 in livermore, 72 in concord, 72 in san jose and the cool and breezy 60 in san francisco. throughout the afternoon we'll see m
who has run large public agencies and has a deep interest in improving higher education. president obama issued a statement thanking her for her service. she is leaving the department of homeland security in september. >>> more details now on her appointment. this is the first time in the uc system's 145 year history it will be headed by a woman. she graduated from santa clara university and was that school's first female valedictorian, and a former governor of arizona and only the third person to lead the 10- year-old department of homeland security department. >>> we have breaking news, we learned an employee was killed at the accident at the store. a spokesperson tolds the employee was 41 years old and had been with the company since 2007. right now company officials are not releasing details of the accident which happened last night but do say the victim was a great employee and plan to offer grieve counseling to the co-workers. >> it was a story that needed to be told. it begins to help with the healing process. >> he was not the police chief at the time but bart's top cop of
retirement contributions and their educational programs are being reorganized. despite the problems the top executive insists it is not in any financial trouble. >>> a new report surfacing tonight from the center for investigative reporting alleges disturbing practices being offed on prisoners. this report -- performed on prisoners. this report says doctors with the california department of corrections and rehabilitation sterilized nearly 150 female inmate from 2006 to 2010 and without getting required state approval. 100 more may have also been illegally sterilized in the late 1990s. the women were signed up for surgery while they were pregnant and cowed at the california institution in -- housed at the california institution in corona and cinchilla. what do you think about this one? they didn't get state approval, but do you think the institution was really looking out for the inmates or as one former inmate put it, do you think the women were treated like animals and the prison didn't want them to breed anymore? i need your thoughts on that. the address here, >>> the s
and its educational programs are being reorganized, but despite all these problems the museum's top executive insists it's not in any financial trouble. >>> this is the bloodiest day in egypt in nearly two years. coming up dozens are dead in clashes between the egyptian military and supporters of the country's ousted president. >> also ahead get ready to see the washington monument like you have never seen it before. we've got a bit of a preview coming up for you. >> it's an unintended accident that leads to death in the soaring summer heat. up next safe kids shares three reminders you need >>> an 8-month-old infant in maryland and a 16-month-old toddler in virginia both died of heatstroke after being left in hot cars last week. it is an unimaginable tragedy, but it's something that can be prevented and somehow every year we find ourselves having this say tragic conversation, but this doesn't have -- same tragic conversation, but this doesn't have to happen to you or any children you know and love. tarica wheeler is here with safe kids and we're going to talk through some ways to pr
commission for community and junior colleges says ccsf didn't do enough to fix financial and educational deficiencies. the march will be held at 4:00 this afternoon in front of the department of education's san francisco office. >>> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. i think she mentioned it will be the hottest day of the week. >> yes, it will. we will be ready. >> you need wauter? >> he's dehydrated, christina. >> it's understandable. we're back to that dry heat pattern in the bay area. temperatures will be hot today, but nothing like last week. 95 degrees inland, bay side 80, 68 at the coast. he's like a tall drink of water, mike inouye. >> more like a tumbler, a shot glass. i'm not that tall. looking toward the south bay, traffic builds in the northbound direction, slowly building but it will kick in over the 7:30 to 8:00 hour. looking over here at northbound 101, the crashality san antonio has not moved from the roadway. it's still an issue, northbound out of mountain view it's slowing. as you're approaching san francisco, traffic moving pretty good. a new accident to
, but it backed off on most of those cuts and that was due to our education and publicity campaign as well as folks signing petitions, sending e-mails and other communications and coming to the library commission immediately preceding last week, june 20th at the june 6th library commission. unfortunately, we still have some serious questions with regard to the library's priorities. first of all, the library's budget which is one of the highest per capita in the country as you heard from the previous speaker. we are second highest among 87 libraries serving half a million people or more. the library's budget is increasing by 8-1/2 million dollars, yet there isn't a single evening being extended after 9:00. there are no additional evenings being held open until 9:00. and evenings are still being cut under the library's revised plan at marina branch, noe valley branch, park branches, losing saturday morning hours, all of those the most desired hours. the public will have a reduced choice of where they can go on evenings. now four nights a week till 9:00 with the new plan only three nights per
development and support for small business. this year i would like our city to make changes in education, and transportation and lighting and other quality of life issues that have a significant impact in district 10. i am looking forward to hear from each of you, those unable to get an opportunity to speak to the mic. you are more than welcome to call our office or e-mail the office with your suggestions for the budget priorities. thank you. >> mayor lee, and supervisor avalos and supervisor farrell. before we continue on, i want to remind everyone if you wish to speak, get comment cards from the outside. they will come around to collect the comment cards. i will briefly run through the agenda, and everyone be mindful this is a district 10 and district 11 budget town hall meeti meeting. we would work hard to give equitab equitable priority to each, district 10 and 11. we will have a brief budget overview by kate howard, the mayor's budget director and we will have community organizations and then public comment. we will keep our comments to two minutes. and the cards will be collected.
and mexicans have a lower educational level and some may be undocumented. >> it seems to support stereotypes. >> mr. ashton says the company letterhead on this memo makes it more than a he said she said case. the plaintiffs believe they were fired out of retaliation. target claims they were fired for performance reasons. in an e-mail target says, quote, this document, which was used during conversations that one distribution was never part of any formal or company-wide training, end quote. >> it's not right for the company. >> worked for the distribution enter for 15 years and says she hasn't seen any ray schism. mr. ashton says the lawsuit isn't looking good for target. candy brown, kpex 5. >> target has apologized and says it never meant to offend. >>> another embarrassment for the america's cup. a top sponsor wants a refund. the san francisco business times reports louis vuitton is asking for $3 million back because so few teams are reyesing. the luxury retailer's original sponsorship was based on eight teams showing up, through there are only three. >>> the company hopes this bag will he
of the 26 children and educators were killed at sandy the elementary school last year. the families of the 12 surviving charge of the witness the shootings which each get $20,000, and to teachers who were injured would get $150 a dollars between them. the money was raised with the help of the united way. >> and the leader of the texas state senate is determined to fend off a filibuster when he scheduled a vote today on a new restriction. a democratic filibuster and protesters have helped prevent the bill so far from becoming law. the bill would ban most abortions after 20 weeks, as well as other restrictions. >> you've homicide rates have hit their lowest point in at least three decades, according to health officials. in 2010 the homicide rate for victims aged 10 to 24 were down more than half compared to 1992 when there were and explosions of crimes tied to crack cocaine. a government report released yesterday echoes earlier findings about a national decline in murders and more crimes in the last two decades. >> two prominent russian human rights officials say that they're going to
. what stunts are doing as they worry that the education just isn't going to count. they are in a pre-dickment they fear. more stories 7 news at 11 on channel 7. we have all the sports and l the dodgers have their way. >> kind of ugly out there. giants were hoping to return to at&t park turn things around but so far tonight it has been all dodgers. matt well against l.a. in the past not this time. bases loaded in the second. former giant delivers a double to left. pair of run score. donors go on top. knock him out of the game with 6 runs in the third. ramirez drives k threw 75 pitches and once again bases led for rebat rebate. bases clearing triple. this game has belonged to the to the former giant in the seventh with man on. goes deep off michael kick. that gives himself runs batted in. now in the seventh. dodgers are crushing the giants 10-1. oakland kansas city. look out guys. i heard chestnut in town and hungry. starting pitcher superb a of late until the 9th. 3 run lead in the fifth. reddick with the rbi triple to the gap. the score. reddick went 2 for 3 in the
will the photographs be displayed? >> build the is our websi website. this is for the education center at the wall. this is a place that will really elevate the idea of service, service to your country, service to your community, using these photographs in a really positive way. we want people, citizens to be involved and we think this is a great legacy for those who have given their lives. not only in vietnam but other wars as well. and the photographs of the soldiers from iraq and afghanistan will also be displayed in a very positive and fulfilling manner. >> captain, as we let you guys go this morning, what do you think it means to the younger generation growing up who was not alive during the vietnam war to see this and be a part of american history? what does it say to those folks? >> i think it's extremely important for a few reasons. back in 1975, there was a study done that determined that basically all-american adults, about 150 american citizens knew someone by name that had died in vietnam. whether it was someone from their town, their school, their college, but they knew th
in front of the united nations here in new york, an inspiration to millions, she said that education is the world's most powerful weapon, so today, she's getting the u.n. secretary-general a petition, signed by 3 million people, urging global leaders to help give every child a chance to earn an education. robin and david, back to you. >>> we're going to turn to the breaking news overnight on the federal guidelines of the amount of arsenic in apple juice. a very worrisome issue for so many parents out there. the fda now trying to ease some of the fears. and dr. richard besser has been following this one for us. bottom line, rich, is there too much arsenic in the apple juice our kids are drinking? >> thankfully, the answer is no. but apple juice just got safer. you may remember, about two years ago, dr. oz and "consumer reports" raised issues about arsenic in apple juice. this led fda to do testing. and for the first time, set limits for arsenic in apple juice. i spoke to dr. oz last night. he's absolutely thrilled that this change came about. >> you talked about the limits. what are t
the museum has laid off workers and has reorganized educational program and trying to create new fundraising. >>> the governor outlines transportation plans for aplansa county that is ripe for developments. why the projects could lead to o hundreds of new jobs. >>> why street cars are one step closer to becoming a reality in d.c. >>> council membersmembs cracking down a crimes, the steps being taken to protect th elderly from financial abuse. o >>> an economic boost to prince george's county, not only willy, it lead n to more jobs t will he any of us that commute beth be peaker has the details. >> reporter: this is not far nt from the metro station, as can you see, this is a tough place l for a pedestrian to cross the road. >> i don't think it's possible.s >> reporter: it's kind of hard. >> the governor says this problem and a number of others could be fixed with projects he announced today. >> it will make our roads safer and per for pedestrians, and also better to move traffic. >> reporter: maryland's governor o'malley announced a $50 million investment in for aa new acc
wants to hundred $81,000 to go to each of the families of the 26 children and educators killed at sandy hook elementary school last year. the families of 12 surviving children who witnessed the shootings would each get $20,000.20 teachers were injured would get $150,000 between them. the money was raised with the help of the united way. >> the leader of the texas state senate is determined to fend off a filibuster when he scuttled a vote today on tough new abortion restrictions. a democratic filibuster and rock as protestors have helped prevent the bill so far from becoming law. lt. gov. david dewhurst said today there of the extra police officers at the state capital and anyone who breaks the rules gets thrown in jail. the bill would ban most abortions after 20 weeks as well as other restrictions. >> used homicide rate has hit its lowest point in the last three decades according to health officials. in 2010 the homicide rate for victims ages 10-24 was down more than half compared to 1992 when there was an explosion of crime tied to crack cocaine. a >> report released yesterday echoes e
to salsa. and mexicans have a lower educational level and some may be undocumented. >> the backdrop of the memo seems to support stereotypes. >> reporter: he said the company letterhead on this memo makes it more than he said/she said. the plaintiffs believe they were fired out of retaliation. target claims they were fired for performance reasons. in an email target says, quote, this document which was used during conversations at one distribution center was never part of any formal or companywide training, end quote. >> it's not right for the company. >> reporter: this person has worked for the distribution center for 15 years and said she hasn't seen any racism. the lawyer says the lawsuit isn't looking good for target. >> it's going to be a battle. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> target has apologized and says it never meant to offend. >>> have you ever bought something and got caught off guard by the price? >> i started regretting it that night and shed a lot of tears. >> tonight the $8,000 case of buyers remorse. >> big temperature spread once again. point reyes 53 for a high but calis
on the challenges of succeeding in education and then for their future success. >> the distribution of the backpacks will take place next month. there will be at least 2300 each filled with school supplies. demand is expected to out number the supplies so sacred heart hopes for more donations. so if you can donate, please do. >>> traffic and weather. nice that you can join us. >> i'm glad to be here with you on this friday. where else would i want to be? >> nowhere. >> nowhere -- well, breakfast is sounding good right now! >>> low clouds and fog have courage onshore trying to break up in toward the san jose area right now. but i think it will be a slow burnoff as we head throughout the day. you can see plenty of gray out over the bay. and then it looks like by the afternoon, these temperatures are going to warm up nicely away from the coastline but out at the beaches going to be pretty cool and very gray. temperatures right now running in the 50s. we'll be at 87 and warm in morgan hill 78 and sunny in san jose and 81 in cupertino. east bay numbers back up into the 80s by the afternoon. and inside th
university. the point of the trip was to get them ready for an american college education. the girls were friends for the past four years. wang linjia loved physics and calligraphy. while the other was a champion gymnast who loved literature. i have a call into the san mateo county coroner. i'm waiting to get the very latest on the girls' autopsies. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we can tell you those two young ladies and 27 other students on that plane planned to go to a christian camp in southern california today. today that camp will still be opening, but, of course, it will be opening without those campers from china it had initially expected. coming up at 6:15, we'll be going live to that camp down in southern california for a look at the gestures of sympathy it is now preparing for those chinese students. meantime, some of the passengers from asiana flight 214 returning home to seoul, south korea. this hour we don't know exactly how many survivors were on this return flight. you can see there a woman still in a wheelchair after the crash. she was later tra
, including barbara boxer sent a letter to the united states secretary of education and the federal trade commission asking for an investigation into allegations that businesses are preying on students trying to repay their loans. >> starting in january the ged test will be completely different. the test will focus more on critical can thinking skills and it'll use new standards that could make it harder to pass. test takers will make not be able to use paper or pen ill because it'll only be offered on computers. >>> california prison officials report a break-in a statewide hunger strike by inmates they say about 7700 prisoners refused to eat. that's down from more than 12,000 on a strike thursday. 30,000 earlier this week. the state considers an inmate to be on a a hunger strike after missing nine meals. criticized. >> limited dining hours, closed offices and reduced flying time. that's what workers at travis air force base experienced as the first day of furloughs took effect. more than 1500 took the dayoff. furloughs caused by national defense budget cuts will be in effect every fri
education offices on beale. last week the college learned in one year, it will lose its acret dation. reports show the they've been suffering from mismanagement and other problems. they are appealing the decision. >>> there was a protest yesterday outside the home of b.a.r.t.'s general manager. contract talks between b.a.r.t. and unions are not expected to resume until friday. the two sides have until august 4th to reach a deal or another strike could be called. august 4th was -- it's getting here quick. >> yes. >>> i need you to use your power with sal. tell him to straighten out the mess on the peninsula. >> can't do it. can't do it. you know we've had too many things going on there, dave and tori. we had a power outage, a big one in mountain view. we had a crash on northbound 101 and i just want to put it on the map. the road sensors are turning deep red on northbound 101 coming out of san jose, all the way back to 280, it's one, long slowdown getting up into mountain view. if you are coming from redwood city, coming the other way, it's not as bad. if you are driving from san jose
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)